you are doing GREAT

you are giving your BEST

I am proud of YOU

Can you say these words to yourself at the moment,

when you are doubting yourself…

when you feel like you are not doing enough

when you feel the time is passing by

And you are being left behind.

when you see others thriving,

Inside your world is crushing

Hoping to find some blessings

Hoping to do something fulfilling

you forget your beginning…

You forget the hardships…

you’ve gone through

you become oblivious to journey

To chase after something fancy

you become trapped into your own fallacy.

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In my darkest hours,

I remember you

In those magical moments

I remember you

You promise me nothing


Give me everything

Your love is serenity

In my vulnerability

Your touch is another reason to keep ongoing

When I find myself heading towards an ending…

You are the sunshine

In my calamities….

You remind me to relive

When there is nothing to believe in.

I often found myself wondering around

Searching for that one kind

Which can make me feel

I am closer to you than ever!

God, this is you!

Nobody else who can give me hope

Which I need to be on this globe!

It’s just how I feel for god. if you like this, please let me know.

Please share how you feel for god.

Thank you for reading!



Suchayanika Sinha

Suchayanika Sinha

Discovering new world through imagination and creativity . I love expressing my creativity thorough writing. I am also a professional spoken english trainer.